Sunday, December 13, 2009

cute lil painted things

(posting here so that the kids won't see the pics on my other blog)

I've been painting all day! No sewing done at all, but at least I'm done with the painting. The blocks are still drying, so I'll post pics of those later. Here's what's done so far:

A trio of ladies (I love these.):

A little family (I tried to keep them pretty gender neutral, so that Kira can play with them however she wants.):

Bowling pins (yes, I'm classy and am illustrating their height by comparing them to a beer bottle. It's good beer, though.):

A trio of tops for Jackson's stocking:

So, blocks are drying and I have a little painted box with a lid. I'm not sure which kid will get it. I guess it will go into the stocking that looks emptier.

Looks like I'll be up late sewing the next few nights, but I'm WAY ahead of where I thought I would be by now.


  1. This is such a neat idea. I didn't realize you could buy unfinished toys!

  2. You are so talented! Your family is so blessed!